Logos and look and feel designs are the first face your company shows to the world. From original concepts to logo and style guide refreshes, Angry Guppie has developed on-point and distinct branding designs for a wide variety of clients.

Project: Rework Brand Identity for 35th Anniversary

Client wanted to tie their 35th Business Anniversary with a freshening of their existing brand. Not wanting to look like every other company in the industry, they favored a sparse graphic style. Angry Guppie was able to retain the graphic elements, while modernizing the brand and making it more clearly identifiable as a landscaping company.

Project: Branding for Luxury Jewelry Company

A luxury jewelry maker needed a website to sell their bracelets and to get the message out about the charitable organization which their sales benefited. Angry Guppie delivered an elegantly textured look and feel, which showcased the level of quality of the product and that it was handmade in the USA. The branding was extended to gift cards and other collateral.

Project: Customer Appreciation Pages

Client's customer outreach program included a valentine to their users that had to balance professional and informal "fun" positioning to get their message of admiration out. Angry Guppie provided custom illustrations and page design that was in keeping with the theme of love, but kept it professionally respectful.

Project: Branding for boutique coffee roaster/café

An artisan coffee roaster needed branding for a new café venture. Building on branding we had created for the coffee roasting company's products, Angry Guppie developed signage, business and loyalty cards for instore use.

Project: Logos for music themed services and events

Major music company needed logos for several properties as part of a rebranding of their CD sales channels. In addition to the services logos, we provided event specific logos, incorporating music notations and the event location as part of the visual theme