A great visual can go a long way in furthering or supporting a marketing narrative. Angry Guppie developed illustrations and infographics that were able to play backup or, when needed, take center stage.

Project: Conference Posters and Signage

Marketing Agency needed a poster and signage series for conference being held in New York City. We provided illustrations with strong graphic representations of well-known landmarks across the metropolis

Project: Financial Education Infographic Series

Financial Client wanted a series if infographics to help explain economic concepts for their clientele. Angry Guppie developed custom illustrations that portrayed both qualitative and quantitative concepts covered in the topics.

Project: Email Series

Media and entertainment brand needed illustrations for a series that promoted movies with very different genres. We provided illustrations that knit the seemingly unconnected movies into a single visual campaign, and matched the humorous tone of the copy.

Project: News Story Infographics

Major network news agency needed graphics to accompany news stories for their online property. We created custom illustrations for regular and breaking news stories including airplane disasters and the intricacies of military movements across the globe.

Project: Avatar Illustrations for K-1 Courseware

Educational publishing company needed Avatars that could be used in place of actual photos for children in K-1 classes. Angry Guppie provided set of animals that were colorful and age appropriate.

Project: Pop Illustrations

For upcoming project, using simple geometric shapes and a flat and small color pallette to produce easily scan-able, visually and emotionally appealing illustrations reflecting popular culture and media trends.